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Hunter Syndrome Trial Update 3-18-2016


The Breaking Barriers Hunter Syndrome Trial has successfully completed enrollment for the first cohort/group of four patients! We are now enrolling for the second cohort. Armagen plans to enroll 12 patients that are 18 years and older into this study. If you would like to view the full study update, you can download it below:
Study Update from Armagen 3-18-16


Armagen is developing therapies to non-invasively deliver drugs across the blood-brain barrier, a filter that protect the brain from toxins but allows vital nutrients like insulin to cross from the blood into the brain. Available medications for Hunter Syndrome/MPS II do not cross the blood-brain barrier in clinically relevant amounts and therefore do not address the progress neurological complications of the disease.


If you would like to enroll in the Breaking Barriers Hunter Syndrome Trial, you may sign up here.